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About Baring Forge R&D

Baring forge was established in 1996 to adapt solid software from the super high-rel and robust hard real-time systems in the telco, space, and aviation industries to smaller embedded products.


About Tom@baringforge - Founder

I've been developing high-rel hard real-time embedded software since 1999, with experience in all aspects of the software stack, ranging from low level network device drivers to user-facing web interfaces. I have experience on all manner of embedded platforms, ranging from a tiny 8-bit 6809 to high powered dual core ppc8641d, using practically all manner of embedded OSes under the sun, including linux, vxWorks, pSos, vrtx, Deos, and bare metal.

I like to geek out, and this is a good time for me, so I founded Baring Forge to be able to offer my services to other companies and individuals on a consulting basis. If you have some embedded software work that needs done, you can head on over to the consulting page, where you can get a better idea of how I can help you out. Even if you're not ready to start work now, feel free to call or email if all you need is just to get an understanding of the amount of effort involved, or the next steps to take.

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